How To Prevent Hair Loss

How To Prevent Hair Loss With Herbora Hair Oil

How to prevent hair loss, and how to prevent extreme hair loss, are two things that most people struggle with in modern times, given the extreme pollution, chemicals and unpredictable weather we are exposed to. Styling, colouring and heat treatments also cause damage to hair, and excessive shampooing also strips away much of the natural oils present in the scalp. Here are some tips to prevent hair loss, the natural way.

Natural Remedies For Healthy Hair

There’s a reason why grandma’s remedies hold true today: they nourish your hair from the inside, and are some of the most effective ways to make your hair healthier, fuller and smoother. There are a variety of kitchen ingredients you can use to enrich your hair, from garlic to onion juice to natural oils. These are our tips to prevent hair loss using everyday ingredients you can find in your home.

How To Prevent Hair Loss With Onion Juice

Onion juice has a high sulphur content, which helps treat hair loss and increase circulation to the hair follicles and boosts collagen growth. It also helps reduce inflammation around the root. Extract onion juice in a blender and strain. Apply this to your hair and allow it to sit for fifteen minutes, then rinse off with shampoo and water.


Tips To Prevent Hair Loss With Garlic

Another one from the allium family, garlic, like onion, is chock-full of vitamins and minerals that condition the hair naturally and help combat hair loss. The sulphur and selenium content of garlic helps fortify the structure of the hair shaft, which means it promotes re-growth and strengthens the existing hair from the roots. Anti-microbial properties of garlic keep skin infections at bay, too. You can create a paste of blended garlic cloves, apply on the head and wash off with shampoo and water.


How to Prevent Hair Loss With Aloe Vera

Aloe works just as well on hair as it does on skin! It can be used in two ways to promote hair growth: topically and ingested. Having one teaspoon of aloe vera on an empty stomach can induce hair growth, so does applying the gel on the scalp. Aloe aids in removing dead cells from the scalp that often clog the roots, causing infections. It’s anti-inflammatory properties keep bacteria away and keep the scalp cool.


Tips To Prevent Hair Loss With Cayenne

Believe it or not, mirchi is actually a great scalp stimulator! It helps reverse hair loss and stimulates blood circulation, thanks to the capsaicin content, which causes intense blood flow to the area it is applied upon. It also helps stimulate dormant hair follicles, helping increase hair volume and thickness. You can infuse oil with cayenne and apply it on your hair for best results.


How To Prevent Hair Loss With A Natural Hair Mask

Natural hair masks are a great way to add moisture to your hair, and you only need a few everyday ingredients to make one. Bananas, coconut oil, avocados, honey, curd and even egg whites can be used to make hair masks. Avocados in particular are great for healthy hair, since they are a superfood and contain a high amount of healthy fats, B-vitamins, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Just mash them up with some coconut oil, honey or yogurt, leave in, and rinse off for shiny hair.

Hair Mask

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss With Herbora

Another great way to combat hair fall and promote healthy hair growth is through the use of oils infused with Ayurvedic herbs and leaves. Herbora is one such oil. It contains over 14 Ayurvedic extracts, from tulsi and amla to neem and bhringraj, all of which are known for their healing, nourishing and antiseptic properties. Using Herbora on a regular basis will give you hair that is strong, shiny and nourished, from root to tip. It is one of the best oils to combat hair fall and promote regrowth – and you can see results in just two weeks!


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