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7 Tips To Maintain Frizz-Free Hair In Autumn

As the weather gets colder, maintaining frizz-free hair becomes a little harder. Winter is when the air gets colder and dryer – and the imbalance your hair faces, from the cold outdoors and a relatively warm indoor environment – make it ideal to do some form of treatment for frizzy hair. Here are a few tips on how to tame frizzy hair naturally.

Wash Hair In Warm Water

One way to achieve frizz-free hair is to wash your hair in warm rather than hot water. Hot water feels like the natural option when the weather is cold, but it can cause more harm than good. Hot water can raise the cuticle, allowing moisture to get out and dirt to get in. Cooler water seals the cuticles shut, which helps boost shine.



Avoid The Hair Dryer

Airy drying your hair in the sun is the best option for frizz-free hair, even if it is a little more time consuming. The intense and concentrated heat from hair dryers soaks up the moisture from your hair and cuticles, leaving it dry and dull. And frequent and prolonged use of a hair dryer straight on scalp and strands will make it drier and frizzier. Avoid electric heat and opt for a natural air-dry.

Hair Dryer


Don’t Use A Rough Towel

Another tip while drying your hair – use a soft cotton towel and don’t be too vigorous. The fibres in a towel can rough up your hair, especially if it is on the curlier side. Aggressive towel drying also disrupts the cuticle. For best results and frizz-free hair, use a soft fabric – even an old cotton t-shirt- and dry gently.

Hair Towel Dry


Try A Satin Pillowcase

Another tip for frizz-free hair is to use a satin pillowcase while sleeping. Cotton pillowcases, while comfortable, can suck out the moisture from your hair and cause friction and damage the cuticles. Satin pillows cause less friction and help your hair stay in place.

Satin Pillow



Don’t Skip Conditioner 

Conditioner provides some much-needed moisture to your tresses and helps maintain frizz-free hair. Conditioners keep your cuticle hydrated and allow moisture to coat each strand. It is also a good idea to use your conditioner as a cleanser during the week if you don’t want to shampoo your hair everyday. Conditioners contain a certain amount of surfactant which cleanses away small amounts of oil and dirt that may be stuck on your strands.

Hair conditioner


Natural Masks

So, how to tame frizzy hair naturally? Natural masks work as a great treatment for frizzy hair. You can make a variety of masks using everyday kitchen ingredients, from bananas and avocadoes to honey, egg yolks and yogurt. Mix in the correct proportions, apply to your scalp and strands and leave on for 20-30 mins before rinsing off.

Natural Masks


Regular Oiling

Oiling is perhaps the best treatment for frizzy hair. It is an old-but-gold method to combat frizz in autumn and winter. A nice, gentle oil massage brings moisture and nourishment to your scalp and helps increase blood circulation. Oil has the effect of smoothing the hair as it penetrates deep into the cuticle, adding moisture to the dry ends.




Using a good quality hair oil can work wonders for maintaining frizz-free hair in autumn and winter. Herbora is a one-of-a-kind, natural and organic Ayurvedic hair oil that works to penetrate deep and nourish from the root. Enriched with the goodness of over a dozen Ayurvedic roots, leaves and herbs, like neem, tulsi, amla and bhringraj, Herbora makes your hair soft, smooth and shiny in addition to preventing hair fall and promoting regrowth.

You will see results in just two weeks! with Herbora Oil.

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