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4 Tips To Maximise The Benefits Of A Good Hair Oil

A good hair oil should make its way into your hair care routine – but which hair oil should you use for hair fall? And how do you make the most of it? We’ve got the answers.

Just like shampoo and conditioner, a good hair oil is a must for healthy and shiny hair. A good hair oil can do a variety of things – add shine, strengthen hair and improve thickness. You may also need to use hair oil for hair fall, if that’s a problem you face. Oils act as a natural moisturizer and even as a natural shield against the elements, forming a protective layer – much needed in modern times when we’re exposed to heat and pollution on a daily basis.Here are a few tips on how to maximise the benefits of a good hair oil.

Tip #1: Massage Correctly With A Good Hair Oil

While a vigorous champi may feel good, getting too aggressive with your massage may actually have detrimental effects, especially if you are applying hair oil for hair fall. A rough massage can cause more hair fall and breakage by aggravating the follicles, so be gentle. Start by applying hair on the scalp and massage in circles. Then work your way down the length of your hair all the way to the tips.

Hair Massage

Tip #2: Use Just The Right Amount Of Oil

It’s important to use the right amount of oil – not too much. Don’t just pour oil onto the crown of your head. Instead, take a little bit on your fingers and apply in patches along sections of your scalp and hair. With oil, less is actually more. 

Especially if you are using hair oil for hair fall, you don’t want to over do it – because that would mean using more shampoo to wash it all off, which will mean more chemicals, meaning more chances of hair fall, which is what you are trying to combat in the first place!

Oil Amount

There’s much debate about how long you should leave oil in your hair – a minimum of 3-4 hours and if possible, overnight, as this will give a chance for the oil to really get into your scalp and ends. However, don’t leave it in longer than overnight or 10-12-24 hours, as then your hair can start attracting dirt and grime, even if you are using a good hair oil.

Oil on hair

Tip #4: Use Hot Oil

A warm oil massage is said to be more effective than applying cold oil to your hair. This is because heat can increase blood circulation and boost the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles. Oil also tends to absorb better when heated, penetrating deeper into the roots and scalp. But make sure your oil is not too hot – you don’t want to scald your scalp, and overheating can destroy the nutrients in the oil. The best method to follow is to choose a good hair oil, heat it gently and massage it in a circular motion. The oil should be lukewarm for best results.

Oil Hot

So which oil is good for hair growth? Well, a good hair oil is only as beneficial as what goes into it – so if you’re looking for a hair oil for hair fall, you need something that is enriched with other nutrients and good-for-you ingredients. Herbora is the answer.

Herbora (1)

Herbora is a 100% natural and organic oil that works to strengthen hair by penetraring deep into the roots. Composed of a wide variety of Ayurvedic roots and herbs that contain antiseptic and therapeutic properties, you will see results in as little as two weeks. And, it is suitable for all hair types on both men and women! Add Herbora to your hair care routine today and see how it can give you healthy, lustrous hair. 

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